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@SwoordsApp November 2017 for iOs and Android

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The game

Swoords is a new competitive word game using the connections between final letters. Play online with friends, use power ups, weapons and your brain.


∞ Multiplayer with Friends

∞ Offline: Player vs AI

∞ Global and Local Score

∞ Weapons, Defenses and Badges

∞ Game Stats

∞ Native Adv (only for Brand)


native adv

We thought of integrated Native Adv with which companies can occupy specifc words used in the game and at the same time offering exclusive benefits to players.

The integration of this solution will enable companies to reach a targeted audience based on the words used and at the same time offering an innovative experience to players.

For more information and support: info@swoords.com


"When I was a child I used to play in the car while traveling at a similar game. Its strength lies in its simplicity. I expect great things from Swoords!"

Raffaele Gaito

& Blogger

"An innovative and exciting gameplay, addictive after just two games."

Francesco Ferrazzino

CEO & founder

"A great Native Adv approach with the mission to expand the player experience."

Mirko Pallera

Ninja Marketing

@SwoordsApp November 2017 for iOs and Android

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